We help small business grow

We work hard to deliver durable brand, design and web solutions for small business

Brand Solutions


Designer Central will help you access, integrate and implement a suitable marketing strategy across appropriate platforms and manage your brand to create a consistent and positive impression to reinforce brand image and increase your profitability.

Designer Central will help promote and distinguish your brand identity in terms of your company’s core principles, attributes and the promise you make to your customers.

Graphic Design


Designer Central can identify your business requirements and communicate these through innovative, creative and distinctive designs. Our design and print solutions will encompass all you marketing needs and deliver design solutions that will impress your customers and your competition.

Designer Central will reinforce brand consistency across all platforms to leverage your corporate identity for maximum impact.

Web Design & Development

Online Presence

Designer Central’s professional web development team use modern methodologies and offer quality assurance. We can create a simple website to launch your on-line presence or develop customised web solutions with integrated applications for a fully integrated online marketing solution.

Designer Central provides customised web solutions tailored for your individual business needs.

Management Maintenance


Designer Central provides Web Management, SEO, Hosting and IT Support, essential with change in technology. Regular, scheduled maintenance is necessary to provide your business the highest level of success, integrity, performance and security.

Designer Central can help you manage and maintain your website for optimum performance and leverage your on-line marketing investment.


#1 We help you review your brand

Designer Central will help you review your brand’s effectiveness in order to determine the strength of your brand together with its weaknesses or inconsistencies and opportunities for improvement and new developments.


Educational worksheet provide insight to the basic building blocks that make your brand. Material includes:

Brand Promise
Swot Analysis
Customer Centric
Tag Line
Define Your Target Audience
Unique Selling Proposition
Vision Statement
Mission Statement
Brand Personality


Training workbooks help you understand your brand and allow you time to focus on your business. Subjects include:

Brand Identity
Brand Clarity
Building Your Brand
Business Plan
Personal Branding
Preparing Web Content


Training modules are designed for both management and your brand advocates (your staff). Topics include:

Value Added Selling
Building Customer Loyalty
Fantastic Staff Build Great Brands
Time Management
Marketing Strategies for Small Business
Develop Your Brand Identity
How to Build Your Brand (Day Workshop)

Designer Central delivers interactive brand worksheets, workbooks or workshops designed to help you build a strong foundation for your brand. Our training programs assist individuals and companies realise their goals through strategic training and development solutions.

#2 We implement appropriate marketing strategies

Designer Central will implement an effective marketing strategy to give you a sustainable competitive advantage and good return on your marketing investment.

Effective Marketing Strategies

Designer Central provides effective marketing strategies that will optimise and sustain your competitive advantage and expand your business in terms of brand image, business growth and increased revenue. We will help you attract you targeted audience, strengthen relationships, encourage trust, cement customer loyalty and convert potential clients from browsers, to customers and repeat-buyers.

  • Brand Promise- The promise you make to your consumer
  • Corporate Identity – The visual aspects of your brand
  • Brand Identity- Everything you want the brand to be
  • Brand Image – How the consumer feels about the brand
 Answering these questions will help us define and manage your brand. Even the most successful brands need to be vigilant in reviewing their brand on a regular basis.

#3 We create proactive brand solutions

Designer Central will create design solutions that support your brand specific business strategies across all mediums.

Designer Central is a studio agency that offers proactive brand solutions for small business that span across integrated design platforms. We work closely with our clients to access, integrate and implement a collective and supportive mix of marketing mediums to reinforce your brand image and increase profitability.

Brand Solutions

Designer Central will help you identify and address your brand promise, corporate identity, brand identity and brand image before recommending brand solutions best suited for your business.

Corporate Identity

Designer Central will establishing your innovative and competitive presence in terms of visual representation: logo, print, advertising, promotional merchandise, packaging and web design to leverage your corporate identity for maximum impact.

Web Content

Designer Central can provide you with full web content including copywriting, photography, motion graphics and audio for an effective and impressive website.

Web Design

Designer Central will create a winning website that is creative, professional, convey your brand identity, engage your audience and retain their interest through simple but effective web design.

Web Development

Designer Central’s professional web development team use modern development methodologies and integrated applications for best online marketing solutions.

Content Website Management

Designer Central will develop a CMS website that will allow you to edit, modify, delete and publish content from central interface, easily and efficiently.


Designer Central’s e-commerce solutions provide customised online shopping stores that are user friendly and standards compliant.


Designer Central can help you manage and maintain your website for optimum performance and leverage your on-line marketing investment.


Designer Central can securely register or transfer your domain provide technical support and protection to ensure your information is never compromised.


Designer Central can implement the latest SEO techniques and methodologies to suit your business initiatives and marketing needs.


Designer Central provides IT solutions and technical support in real time to help your computer network become more reliable, secure, efficient and cost effective.